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PBMS Automation

The high volume of prior authorization requests and the need for frequent manual intervention creates a challenge for pharmacy benefit managers. Much of the data on forms is repetitive, but still needs to read, interpreted and entered into a systems for processing by skilled personnel. Even after the request is processed, scanning, storage communication and document retrieval challenges remain.

Our solutions for PBMs provide advanced document recognition, processing, tagging and filing. We eliminate the need for data entry, paper printing, scanning and filing.
  • By enabling the PBM to process inbound documents in a strictly electronic fashion, the productivity of skilled PBM personnel increases while the storage, tracking, communication and retrieval associated with the document becomes faster and simpler.
  • The ability to add comments, highlights, and metadata to electronic forms makes those forms easier to store, retrieve and reference. These processes can be integrated with existing PBM systems for seamless, efficient data flow.
  • The delivery of processed forms is enhanced by the integration to the PBMs existing systems.

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