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Rapid PA
Electronic Prior Authorization Improving
Effeciencies and Cost Savings
RapidPA provides fully automated Prior Authorization workflow among pharmacies, prescribers and payers. It moves electronic PA documents from creation to review and approval to delivery stages using an innovative workflow process and technology. RapidPA can be integrated into existing workflow systems such as pharmacy management systems, pharmacy benefit management systems and EHR/EMR systems.

The automation RapidPA provides simplifies the Prior Authorization process by repetitive manual work and increasing speed and efficiency. By adopting this process healthcare providers can realize significant savings.

Features and benefits
  • RapidPA supports Prior Authorization process for the following services
     o Medical/surgical Prior Authorization
     o Prescription drug Prior Authorization
     o Durable medical equipment Prior Authorization
  • A comprehensive repository for many plans and payers gives customers a single point of access for PA forms.
  • With customized PA form capabilities, on-line forms can be made to look exactly like paper forms for easy and fast transition to the RapidPA system.
  • Fully secured data transmission with AES 128 bit encryption.
  • Extended tracking, reporting and notification capabilities for Prior Authorizations.
  • Integrated electronic fax delivery capability.
  • Customers can easily integrate RapidPA with their existing workflow systems or use the RapidPA web portal.
  • Simpler and faster PA submission and approvals. No need to wait for 72 hours for approval and no more phone calls.
  • Supports Medicare Part-D for all health plans.

How it Works
  • Simply submit patient, prescriber and drug details using either our web portal or API. We work with your existing work flow.
  • We will populate the correct form with the information, based on the patient’s health plan and securely send the clinical criteria questions to Prescriber/Provider.
  • The Prescriber can reply to the required questions and attach any additional documentation, which RapidPA then submits to the Payer electronically.
  • Pharmacy and Prescriber will get notified electronically when the approval or denial are issued.