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US4 Healthcare Systems, LLC is an innovative technology company specialized in healthcare automation that improve patient care by providing effective communication technologies among pharmacies, prescribers, laboratories, hospitals, payers/PBMs and patients.
US4HS Launches RapidPA 2.0 an Innovative Solution to Simplify Prior Authorization Process for Healthcare
About us
About Us
About us
US4 Healthcare Systems, LLC is an innovative technology company specializing in healthcare process automation that improves patient care and reduces costs.

Our technology helps pharmacies, prescribers, test laboratories, hospitals, payers and PBMs process prior authorizations, refill authorizations, alternate treatment plans and many other documents in a small fraction of time and cost when compared to legacy methods.

US4HS technology provides seamless integration of disparate workflow systems using web technology, providing multi channel communications for exchanging healthcare information electronically.

And our state-of-the art approach to document management helps doctors achieve EHR compliance without major cost and impact to their business’ daily routine.

Founded in 2010 by an entrepreneurial technology team with broad industry experience, US4HS brings a set of fresh, innovative solutions to business process challenges.